We offer the following quality products - as well as other items not specifically listed -
at a reasonable price:

  • Complete sets of microtunnelling equipment for microtunnelling and pipe jacking purposes
  • Cutting discs and cutting tools
  • Hydraulic cylinders for intermediate jacking stations and main stations
  • Bypass ball valves and complete bypasses
  • All types of cable in OEM quality (power supply and data communication)
  • Navigation and guidance equipment
  • Tunnel intercom systems
  • Automatic bentonite control systems
  • Bentonite mixing and injection units
  • Hydraulic components, couplings, motors etc.
  • Upskins including cutting wheels - all types
  • Compact jacking frames
  • Screens and spare parts for various brands and models of separation and de-sanding units
  • Frequency inverters, flow meters and electrical components
  • Feed- and discharge pumps from Habermann, KSB, Warman, Metso and others
  • Slurry lines and couplings (Perrot, Victaulic and others)
  • And many moreā€¦
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