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Tunnel24 is official distributor for cutting discs made by

Cutting discs for microtunneling machines "Made in Germany" by Perforator

Perforator is a company of the Schmidt Kranz Group, which started out as Schmidt, Kranz & Co, Nordhäuser Maschinenfabrik as a supplier to the German potash mining industry back in 1885.

In its early years, the Schmidt, Kranz Group (SK) already started to develop mining and tunnel boring systems. Perforator continues this more than 100-year-old success story, combining proven traditions with continuous innovation while offering a wide range of high-quality products. At their site in Walkenried, Germany, 80 qualified employees and an effective management team ensure continuous quality at attractive prices.

We are pleased to announce that Tunnel24 and Perforator entered into a strategic partnership on 01.07.2021.

Going forward, you can purchase high-quality Perforator cutting discs “made in Germany” for your microtunneling equipment (e.g. Herrenknecht. Iseki, Robbins or others) from us. We are able to provide all variants, from hardened to hardfaced, up to tungsten carbide tipped rollers. In order to offer more than "like for like", we have come up with a few ideas regarding material grades and bearing technology, which we believe will be of interest to you.

Among other things, all our discs will come equipped with an RFID module you surely know from contactless payment. A special reading device will allow you to read out any and all roller-related information such as production date, material, type, serial number, order number, etc.

We believe that this will open up new horizons in terms of materials management.

If you are looking for sound delivery performance, interesting prices, as well as good service and advice, you have come to the right place!

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