Cutting Tools

We worldwide sell products of company BfH, all of them „Made in Germany“ as listed below

  • Cutting wheels / Cutting heads for all common TBM types
  • Softground heads
  • Mixedground heads
  • Rock heads
  • Upsizing kits up to OD 3800 mm
  • Cutting discs of various sizes and types
  • Hardened
  • Hard Facing
  • With Tungsten Carbide inserts
  • Cutting knifes / Scrapers

Furthermore we do offer the refurbishment of cutting discs to our customers. A cutting disc which is refurbished by us has proven to have the same lifetime as a new one, but is less expensive at the same time. If a cutting disc can be refurbished or not is subject to the individual condition of each disc.

Loading of OD 3600 mm Upskin with Rockhead for final delivery to customer